Witness in hate crime documentary beaten in Mügeln

Witness in hate crime documentary beaten in Mügeln
Police clean up the mob scene in Mügeln after the 2007 attack. Photo: DPA
A German man who recently appeared in a documentary about a 2007 hate crime was injured in an attack that may be related to his testimony in the film, police said on Tuesday in Leipzig.

The 35-year-old was treated for lacerations on his head and haematoma after he was attacked from behind by a 20-year-old in Mügeln on Saturday night.

The man, who had appeared a documentary aired by public broadcaster ARD about a shocking anti-foreigner attack against a group of eight Indians by a mob of Germans after a town festival in Mügeln in August 2007, told police his remarks in the film may be related to Saturday’s attack.

“We are investigating whether there is a connection,” a Leipzig prosecutor’s office spokesman Ricardo Schulz said, adding that the suspect in the attack is known for other crimes, though none of them race-related.

The suspect was not involved in the 2007 attack, but will “face the hard reality of the law,” according to Mügeln ‘s mayor Gotthard Deuse in local daily Leipziger Volkszeitung.