Berlin boat nearly hits mystery cable strung across canal

Berlin boat nearly hits mystery cable strung across canal
Photo: DPA
Berlin police are investigating an incident near Görlitzer Bridge in the city’s Kreuzberg district after a passenger boat narrowly avoided a cable that was strung across the canal, daily Der Tagesspiegel reported on Monday.

On Sunday evening around 7:30 pm, the captain of a passenger boat noticed the dangerous cable too late to brake, but just in time to order all passengers to remain seated. The boat was able to go under the cable and no one was injured, but a police spokesperson told the paper that they had narrowly avoided life-threatening injuries.

The ship’s captain notified police, but when they arrived on the scene the cable had been removed. Other boat drivers have reported similar incidents in the past. Police believe the cables may be used by graffiti artists, and therefore not placed to cause intentional harm to boat passengers, the paper reported.

Police are nevertheless investigating the incident for dangerous interference with river traffic.