Demonstrators raid Malmö arms firm

Demonstrators raid Malmö arms firm
Around a hundred peace activists demonstrated in Malmö on Friday afternoon against a Swedish arms components manufacturer’s contracts with the US military, with some of the protesters eventually breaking into the office grounds.

The demonstrators, in Malmö to take part in the European Social Forum, unfurled a banner reading “Made in Malmö, Kills in Iraq.” Some of the protesters lay on the ground, playing dead.

The Swedish company Aimpoint, whose headquarters are located a few kilometres from central Malmö, manufactures red dot sights for guns sold to the US army, among others.

The demonstration was organized by a network of activists called European Peace Action.

Some of the activists, including many Swedes and Germans, climbed the fence surrounding the company grounds.

A Swedish police spokesman told AFP six people had managed to enter a factory on the grounds, but Swedish and German police had removed them from the scene after a few minutes.

The protest lasted about an hour without any other incidents