Dozens rescued from Mannheim fire

Rescue workers staged a dramatic rescue of 23 people from two burning apartment buildings in Mannheim late on Tuesday evening, police in the German state of Baden-Württemberg reported.

Dozens rescued from Mannheim fire
Photo: DPA

Several people were forced to jump from the four-storey buildings onto rescue cushions, while fire department workers helped others down on aerial ladders. The rest of the 51 residents were able to leave the building on their own, police reported.

Among those rescued, 21 people, eight of them children, were treated in various hospitals for smoke inhalation. Thirty people were treated on the scene.

Fire department workers believe the fire began in a child’s pram stored in the cellar. The incident is under investigation for suspected arson.

Damages have been estimated at over €80,000. Some of the buildings’ residents were able to spend the night in their own beds after the fire was extinguished, though the fire knocked out the buildings’ electricity.