Porsche drivers expected to be cute and sporty – and male

Waiting for traffic lights to go green, drivers checking each other out expect to see good looking people behind the wheels of Porsche, Audi and Mini cars, while Mercedes are expected to be piloted by older people.

Porsche drivers expected to be cute and sporty - and male
Who's driving? Photo:DPA

A study by market researchers puls in Nuremberg reveals the specific expectations of who is driving what.

Of the 1,000 people questioned, 40 percent said they expected a Porsche driver to be particularly attractive, 35 percent said the same of Mini drivers, while 31 percent were confident that Audi drivers would be attractive.

The image of a Porsche driver, unsurprisingly, also includes 49 percent assuming they would be a sporty, but also arrogant person, while 56 percent assume they are go-getting.

BMWs also seem to convey go-getting status on their drivers, with 43 percent of those questioned saying this was expected.

Sportiness is expected from Mini, BMW and Audi drivers, while those in Fords, Dacias and Citroens are not thought to be into sports.

The average age of a Mercedes driver was guessed at 62, with those driving a Lexus estimated to be 44, a Porsche 42, a Smart 32 and a Mini 29.

Those thought to be happiest are driving Volkswagens, followed by Minis and Smarts.

Unsurprisingly, women are still expected to drive little cars, with Minis, Smarts and Fiats having the most female image. The most male image was achieved by Porsche and BMW.