Norwegians flock to Sweden’s liquor stores

Norwegians flock to Sweden's liquor stores
Norwegians are heading across the border to make their alcohol purchases in Sweden like never before.

Cross-border liquor sales shot up 7 percent in July compared to corresponding figures from the previous year.

Altogether, Norwegians purchased around 2.7 million litres of booze from Sweden’s state-owned liquor retailer Systembolaget, according to the Association of Norwegian Wine and Spirit Suppliers (VBF).

The association reckons that around 450,000 Norwegians stopped in at Systembolaget in July and cites Norway’s high alcohol taxes as the main reason for the increase in cross-border liquor sales.

Never before have Sweden’s Scandinavian neighbours to the west purchased so much alcohol across the border during July.

So far this year, Norwegian liquor purchases have topped 10 million litres of alcohol, which represents an increase of 4 percent from 2007, which was itself a record year.