Swede in custody for Copenhagen heist

A 28-year-old Swede has been remanded in custody in connection with a multi-million kronor robbery in Copenhagen on August 10th. A further three Swedes and a Dane are set to face the remand court.

Swede in custody for Copenhagen heist

After the hearing behind closed doors in a Copenhagen court on Sunday the decision was taken to detain the 28-year-old in custody for a further four weeks, news agency Ritzau has reported.

The three other Swedes and the arrested Dane are also set to face remand hearings in court in connection with the robbery that netted 60 million Danish kronor ($10.5 million). The prosecutor is seeking a further four weeks custody for the four suspected robbers.

A grouped of armed men burst into the offices of Danish cash security transport firm Dansk Värdihåntering A/S in Bröndby, a suburb of the Danish capital Copenhagen last Sunday. The men used a excavator to crash their way into the secure building.

At 4pm on Saturday armed police raided the Hotel Scandic in central Copenhagen and arrested the four suspected Swedish robbers.

The Dane was arrested in a lay-by along the motorway heading south out of Copenhagen.

The arrests were made after an extended surveillance operation against the gang, according to Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet.

The crack police unit found a pile with 1,000 Danish kronor notes and a couple of mobile telephones spread on a coffee table in the hotel lobby when they stormed the hotel on the hunt for the gang.

Danish police have stated that they believe that up to 20 people were involved in the robbery. No further arrests had been made by Sunday afternoon.

The 28-year-old Swede denied all charges in his remand hearing.

“I don’t understand anything,” he said before the court decided to hold the hearing behind closed doors.

During the hearing the Swede was provided with an interpreter to help with his statement.

When the court announced its decision to detain him, the 28-year-old Swede discussed with his lawyer and then left the court with his arms folded across his chest with his arms crossed.