German phone sex addict busted for €7,000 hotel bill

German phone sex addict busted for €7,000 hotel bill
Who is calling? Photo:DPA
Police in the German state of Lower Saxony said on Wednesday they had arrested a man who racked up more than €7,000 in phone sex bills while staying at a hotel in Göttingen.

The 22-year-old man has a history of staying in hotels and calling sex phone lines day and night, but being unable to pay the bills, a police spokesman said.

A hotel worker called the police after the man, who had taken amphetamines and cannabis, admitted he could not pay the €7,197 phone bill, nor the costs of his six-night stay.

He offered to pay the bill in instalments, but then officers realized he was already wanted for similar offences in Dortmund and Hannover in January and March this year.

The chatty man was arrested, but after coming to an agreement with state prosecutors he was later released.