Break-in and threats at Jewish offices in Frankfurt an der Oder

The premises of Frankfurt an der Oder’s Jewish Community were robbed over the weekend and computer equipment and cash stolen. Just days before, the group had received a flyer which contained threats against Jews.

Prosecutor Michael Neff confirmed a report in the Märkische Oderzeitung newspaper on Sunday, which reported that the break-in occurred late Friday night.

The unknown thieves smashed a window with a rock and took a computer from the offices of the group’s chairman, Wladimir Lewitzky. The computer contained personal data of all 217 members of the group. The intruders also took €400 and a checkbook from the bookkeepers office, according to the newspaper.

On the previous Thursday, the group found a flyer in its mailbox containing threats against Jews and a swastika symbol. Investigators are now looking into whether there is a connection between the break-in and the flyer.

The Jewish Community in Frankfurt an der Oder, located on the Polish border, has already received several anonymous threats this year.