Skåne bus drivers’ strike postponed

The previously announced expansion of Sweden’s bus drivers' strike to Skåne has been pushed back by a day to Tuesday night as both parties in the conflict consider a new draft agreement.

Originally, bus drivers in Skåne had planned to walk off the job at midnight on Monday, but plans changed following the day’s negotiations.

Around 90 percent of bus operator Skånetrafiken’s city and regional bus routes will be affected if the strike expands to the region in southern Sweden.

The current bus drivers’ strike in Stockholm will continue until further notice.

On Tuesday, representatives from both the bus employers group Bussarbetsgivarna and the Kommunal bus drivers union will announce whether or not they will accept the new proposed solution to the conflict.

A final decision is expected at 10pm Tuesday evening at the earliest, according to a statement.

Lunchtime passengers at the Gustav Adolf’s Torg bus station in central Malmö expressed their sympathy for the bus drivers’ demands. But at the same time they are concerned about what effects a possible strike might have on them

“It’s no good. I don’t have a car and am dependent on the bus to get to the city centre. But I understand that the drivers have a stressful situation on the job and hope that they can find a solution,” said Malmö resident Edith Ohlsson to the TT news agency.

“The strike affects third parties. For me, it’s harder to get to the city and take care of errands if it breaks out,” said retiree Richard Dahl.

“I don’t like it at all. A strike would just make a mess of things. I hope that the parties can reach an agreement and that the drivers get what they are asking for. It’s a tough job and they deserve a raise,” said Eva Sjöberg.