Man arrested for running over police officer

A man has been arrested on suspicion of the attempted murder of a traffic police officer near Mariestad in central Sweden on Sunday afternoon. The man ran over the officer when commanded to stop.

The motorcycle police officer had attempted to stop the man for speeding on the E 20 on Sunday.

The man was arrested and brought in for questioning at around 11pm on Sunday according to Sveriges Radio.

“We have interrogated the man and detained him,” said Johan Rapp at Skövde police to news agency TT.

The man is suspected of attempted murder. He is in his thirties and is resident in Östra Skaraborg, according to Johan Rapp. The man will be interviewed further on Monday.

The incident occurred at around 5pm on Sunday when two motorcycle police officers attempted to stop the man for speeding. One of the police officers was in civilian dress while the other was in uniform and drove a marked police motorbike.

The uniformed police officer drove his vehicle alongside the man’s car and signalled to him to pull over. The man instead elected to swing to the left and into the police officer. He then fled heading south at high speed.

The 57-year-old police officer was taken by ambulance to Kärn hospital in Skövde. His injuries are minor but he remains in hospital under observation.

Several police and car drivers witnessed the incident and were able to make a note of the man’s car registration number. The car was later found close to the incident. Johan Rapp confirmed to TT that the arrested man is the registered owner of the vehicle.

Police in Västra Götaland were unwilling to confirm on Monday morning whether the man has a previous criminal record.