Man arrested for spying on Saab

A Gothenburg court has remanded in custody a man suspected of spying on Saab Microwave Systems.

Man arrested for spying on Saab

The 48-year-old Gothenburg resident is being held on suspicion of serious industrial espionage and attempted blackmail.

Prosecutor Tomas Lindstrand indicated that documents viewed by the suspect contained corporate secrets of such a nature that they could constitute a threat to national security.

Lindstrand would not reveal how the suspect had obtained the secret documents.

Swedish Security Service Säpo’s counterespionage unit has been working in tandem with Saab in a bid to reveal the suspect’s identity.

“There have been measures in place for just over half a year to try to track this person down,” said Lindstrand.

The prosecutor said the suspect appeared to be an engineer. He has no prior convictions.

“It began with him getting hold of these documents and contacting a person at Saab. He demanded money for the secret information. It was simply a way to earn money,” said Lindstrand.

He is not believed to have received payment from anybody at Saab.

“He made demands for considerable amounts,” said Lindstrand, who would not divulge the exact sums of money involved.

It is not known whether the suspect sold the information to any third parties. Police and prosecutors refused to rule out the possibility that other people may have helped the suspect.

With 1,300 employees, Saab Microwave Systems is a leading global supplier of surveillance and radar systems for the civilian and military markets.


Police probe Georgian’s ‘execution’ in Berlin park

German police were Sunday investigating the assassination-style killing in a Berlin park of a Georgian man who was reportedly a former special forces commando and Chechnya war veteran.

Police probe Georgian's 'execution' in Berlin park
File photo: DPA

Police have arrested a 49-year-old suspect from Russia's Chechnya republic over Friday's murder of the man media identified only as Zelimkhan K., 41.

The killer had approached his victim from behind, as he was on his way to a mosque, shot him twice and fled by bicycle in what one witness described as an “execution” style killing.

Police divers later recovered a Glock handgun, a wig and the bicycle from the nearby Spree river, reported Bild am Sonntag newspaper.

A large sum of money was found in the home of the suspect, according to Tagesspiegel daily.

The victim was reportedly a veteran of the Second Chechen War (1999-2009) who later joined a Georgian anti-terrorist unit.

In 2012, his unit engaged in an operation against militants holding hostages in the Lopota gorge near the border with Russia's Dagestan republic.

German media said the murder was believed to be a revenge killing related to the victim's military past.

One of his sons said Zelimkhan K., a father of five, had survived four previous attempts on his life, the most recent in 2015 in Tiflis, Georgia, B.Z. daily reported.

For the past few years Zelimkhan K. had been living in Berlin under an assumed identity.

German police had, meanwhile, also listed him a potentially militant Islamist for reasons still unclear, Bild reported.