Fire at Swedish nuclear power plant

A fire broke out Friday on the roof of a turbine hall at a nuclear power plant on Sweden's west coast but was quickly extinguished and the reactor was never in danger, the plant said.

Fire at Swedish nuclear power plant

“There was a small fire and our internal fire brigade was able to put it out in just a few minutes,” Gösta Larsen, a spokesman for the Ringhals plant, the largest nuclear plant in the Nordic region, told AFP.

“It was nothing dramatic at all,” he said, acknowledging however that thick smoke had entered the turbine facility’s ventilation system and set off external fire alarms that alerted several nearby fire brigades to rush to the scene.

The blaze started when roofers working on the building with torches accidentally set fire to roof materials.

Larsen said no evacuation was necessary and the reactor was never in danger.

The reactor “is in another building next door, with a metre thick cement wall in between,” he added.

The Ringhals plant, located about 60 kilometres south of Sweden’s second biggest city Gothenburg, has four reactors, including one boiling water and three pressurized water reactors.

The plant produces about 20 percent of all electricity consumed in Sweden.