Cat shipped across Germany in box survives

A house cat that climbed unnoticed into an open box took a trip he wasn’t expecting. He was shipped 700 kilometers in the parcel across Germany but emerged from the journey unscathed.

Cat shipped across Germany in box survives
'Hey, I mailed your cat,' the neighbor said. (Actual cat not shown.) Photo:DPA

The unintended voyage of one-year-old “Janosch“ began when he snuck unnoticed into a neighbor’s apartment and crawled into the open box containing a child’s safety seat the woman was about to ship from Rottach-Egern in Bavaria, Germany daily Bild reported on Thursday.

Evidently, the black cat had made himself so comfortable that he didn’t complain when the box was sealed shut.

It was only when the parcel arrived at its destination in the town of Dorsten, in the northern Ruhr Valley, that a post office employee noticed the box moving on its own accord and freed the peripatetic feline.

According to Bild, Janosch’s owner, Gitti Rauch, got a call from her neighbor soon afterwards who’d just been informed of the unexpected delivery.

“Hey, I mailed your cat,” the neighbor told her.

Rauch, 44, had not been alarmed at her pet’s absence, since according to her, he occasionally spent a day away from home.

Janosch was housed for a few weeks in an animal shelter until Rauch could make the long trip to pick him up. She said that since the experience, her cat is showing less interest in sneaking into neighbors’ homes.