German Olympic officials face Stasi probe

German Olympic officials face Stasi probe
Feeling the heat. Photo: DPA
The German Olympic Sport Federation is conducting a probe into the histories of all German coaches and officials, and those found to have been involved in the East German Stasi secret police will not be allowed to participate in the games, the Leipziger Volkszeitung reported on Thursday.

Any documented Stasi involvement will mean a “lightning fast” exclusion from the Olympic Games in Beijing this August, head of the organization Michael Vesper told the paper.

“As a matter of principle, whoever worked with the Stasi can’t perform any activity in the sports because he’s altered his credibility,” Vesper said.

The so-called Stasi Commission has undertaken the probe under the guidance of former Stasi records agency Joachim Gauck, the paper said. Results of the investigation will be announced next Tuesday.