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Destination of the week: Västervik

Boasting "Sweden's most beautiful archipelago", the country's largest holiday complex and as much sun as anywhere in Sweden, Västervik is a must for sailors and families.

Destination of the week: Västervik


Västervik lies in the south east of Sweden, on the coast of Kalmar county. Widening the frame of reference somewhat, it’s in Småland.

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The quick pitch

With over 5,000 islands in its archipelago, Västervik hosts one of Sweden’s larger, but least exploited, island groups. It’s an idyll for boat-lovers, from one day kayakers to hardcore sailors, with seven serviced guest harbours and numerous natural mooring points.

Where there are sailors there is food and drink, and Västervik is no exception: the coastline and islands are dotted with bars and restaurants serving fresh local produce.

The area also boasts Lysingsbadet, Sweden’s largest purpose-built holiday complex.

In their own words

According to the local tourist office:

“If you have seen Astrid Lindgren’s stories on TV then you have seen Västervik. Fantastic Småland nature with leafy, green meadows and grazing cows. A small-town idyll.”

And to cap it all, Västervik is one of the sunniest spots in Sweden.

Coming up

If you’re there on July 21st don’t miss the arrival of the Brig Tre Kronor af Stockholm, a classic two-masted vessel based on an original 19th century navy cargo vessel.

Getting there

By train with SJ (depending on connections and time of travel)

4-5 hours from Stockholm

6-7 hours from Gothenburg

5-6 hours from Malmö