Grocer Lidl in six pack setback

Sweden’s consumer ombudsman (KO) has ruled that a marketing campaign by German grocery chain Lidl is inappropriate because people must purchase alcohol to participate.

According to the ombudsman, Lidl is marketing alcoholic beverages through a competition in which consumers must purchase two six packs of Carlsberg beer with an alcohol content of 3.5 percent.

As the competition amounts to inappropriate marketing of alcoholic beverages, KO has ordered Lidl to discontinue the promotion.

According to KO, the contest requires the consumption of alcohol and therefore violates provisions in Sweden’s alcohol laws which call for particular moderation when it comes to the marketing of alcohol.

If Lidl doesn’t stop the competition, the company could be fined 400,000 kronor ($66,000), said KO in its order.

Lidl states that it has stopped the campaign.