Adidas to sue Wal-Mart for copycat shoes

German sporting goods manufacturer Adidas is suing American discount retail giant Wal-Mart for trademark infringement, German daily Handelsblatt reported on Wednesday.

Adidas to sue Wal-Mart for copycat shoes
Photo: DPA

According to the paper, Adidas has accused Wal-Mart of copying a pair of their shoes.

An Adidas spokesperson told news agency AFP that Wal-Mart used a striped logo similar to the one associated with Adidas products, displaying two or four stripes instead of the company’s trademark is three.

The trial is set to begin October 6 in Oregon where Adidas has its US headquarters.

Observers estimate the damages could come to at least $326 million. In 2007 Adidas won $551 million in a similar suit.