Lesbians shock Krefeld with public sex in the city

Two naked women caused a stir in the city of Krefeld with a public display of passionate sex, making obscene gestures to the police called by shocked passers-by.

A police spokesman in Krefeld in the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia said on Sunday the two women, aged 29 and 40, were found making passionate love in a downtown pedestrian zone on Saturday as several passers-by looked on. Police who arrived at the scene, called by some shocked pedestrians, were greeted with obscene gestures, he added.

One German tabloid wrote that the two naked women were having oral sex. The women were reportedly drunk but managed to clamber barefoot over a parked car before the police followed and arrested them. They were apparently taken into custody to help get sober.

The Krefeld police titled their report on the steamy incident: “Sex in the City.”