Dog fatally attacked on board high speed train

A woman was forced to carry the body of her lap dog wrapped in a blanket for much of her journey to Skåne after the animal was killed by a pit bull while riding on a high speed train.

The incident took place shortly after lunchtime on Tuesday after a 34-year-old man and his pit bull boarded the X-2000 train in Linköping, reports the Svenska Dagbladet (SvD) newspaper.

A short time later, near the town of Mjölby, the pit bull suddenly attacked the woman’s lap dog, which was in its carrier at the time.

The woman’s lap dog died shortly thereafter.

“The dog received major injuries and didn’t stand a chance. There were open wounds,” said Eskil Jemn of the Kristianstad police to SvD.

The man and the pit bull disembarked about 90 kilometres south in the town of Nässjö, located outside of Jönkoping.

According to the news website, train operators alerted police, who were supposed to be waiting for the man in Nässjö.

But the police never showed up, and the train then continued south toward Skåne.

However, police in nearby Jönköping later confirmed they received a report of the dog attack and have launched an investigation.

The woman was left to continue the rest of the 250 kilometre journey to Kristianstad in shock.

“She was extremely shaken and sat with her dead dog wrapped in a blanket in her lap,” said Jemn.

The woman later reported the incident to police in Kristianstad as a crime against the proper supervision of dogs and cats.