Nazis assault feminist festival-goers

At least seven people attending a festival promoting feminism were assaulted on Sunday evening by a group of neo-Nazis in a small Swedish village.

One man was left needing hospital treatment after he was attacked with a metal pipe by an unidentified gang in Österfärnebo in east central Sweden.

“The men drove around the area in a car, shouting ‘sieg heil’ and doing a Nazi salute,” police investigator Kalju Poltrago told newspaper Upsala Nya Tidning.

It was around 1am when a group of people aged 17 to 25 left Färnebo Community College at the end of a three-day feminist festival. The festival, which is organized by the college, is eight years old and attracts people from all over Sweden.

“Witnesses described how a group of Nazis or skinheads got out of a car, which was circling the area. After shouting ‘sieg heil’ and doing the Nazi salute the men then proceeded to assault the teenagers who had exited the college” said Poltrago.

“They assaulted the teenagers with metal pipes. One girl was beaten bloody and another thirty year old man was battered while he lay on the ground. He was injured so badly that he had to be rushed to the local hospital for treatment.”

The police have classed the attack as grievous bodily harm of a racist nature.

“We are aware of the Nazi organizations but we are unsure which one is responsible. We have not accused anyone at this time,” said Kalju Poltrago.

Österfärnebo is an idyllic village with a population of around 700 people, situated beside one of Sweden’s most beautiful national parks. It is famous for its moose hunting, course fishing and clean air.

“It is a tragic thing when this kind of violence enters a community. We are not used to this kind of thing. I am shocked,” said Annika Eriksson, a lifelong inhabitant of Österfarnebo.