Petrol prices to double by 2020

Petrol prices to double by 2020
Petrol prices need to double up by the year 2020 if Sweden is to achieve a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, according to a new report by the Swedish Institute for Transport and Communication Analysis (SIKA).

This would equal a price of over 27 kronor ($4.48) per litre in today’s money and would encourage Swedes to drive less, while also minimizing carbon emissions, the government agency said.

If price per litre is not raised to this level, then Sweden’s carbon dioxide emissions will continue to rise steadily, it added.

However, Environment Minister Andreas Carlgren (Cen) dismissed the report’s conclusions.

Speaking to Sveriges Radio he said that this was not part of his thinking:

“Instead, we must take stronger measures regarding how to make cars more environmentally friendly. We will also need to adjust some of our infrastructure so that it becomes clear that we can for example transport goods by train.”