Rain and theft leave motocross club stuck in the mud

The Swedish Sidecar Motocross Championships in early May turned into a losing affair for the arrangers, the Varbergs MK motorsports club in western Sweden.

The competition was nearly rained out. A number of participants in the event, which featured motocross bikes outfitted with a sidecar, weren’t even able to make it up the track’s steepest hill.

And then the cashbox containing proceeds from the tournament was stolen.

According to the Hallands Nyheter (HN) newspaper, the theft cost the club about 80,000 kronor ($13,200).

“I’m both sad and disappointed,” said club chair Stefan Almér to HN.

The cashbox was being kept in safe at one of the event committee member’s homes.

But thieves managed to break into the house and steal it before the money had been deposited in the bank.

The club plans to discuss the issue at its next board meeting.

Until its next big event, the Swedish Championships in Solo Motocross in October, the club will be forced to cut back operations significantly.

In the meantime, Varbergs MK is urging its members to send in delinquent dues.