Military elite accused of buying sex

Swedish elite soldiers are under investigation for allegedly buying sexual services from prostitutes while in service in Africa.

Military elite accused of buying sex
Photo: Johan Lundahl/Combat Camera/ Försvarets Bildbyrå

Elite troops stationed in Gabon in 2006 allegedly had so-called local girlfriends who received “gifts”, Expressen reports.

Senior Lieutenant Anders Lindström is conducting an internal investigation and now prosecutors are set to intervene too.

Thomas Häggström at the International Prosecution Authority said he could not could not comment on the specific allegations.

“Our initial priority will be to establish whether there is a real case at all,” he told The Local.

According to both Swedish law and international military regulations, it is a serious and punishable offence for military staff to procure sexual services.

The Swedish military is under more scrutiny than ever since the alleged cover-up surrounding their failure to intervene and report the torture of a Congolese prisoner by French UN troops in 2003.