Swedes enjoy ‘Jesus in Guantanamo’

A comedy sketch entitled 'Jesus: The Guantanamo Years' by Irish comedian Abie Philbin Bowman has proved a hit among Swedes on YouTube and iTunes.

The controversial show, depicting Jesus Christ as a prisoner at the US prison Camp in Guantanamo, Cuba, has become something of a cult hit in Sweden and is currently in the top ten of downloaded comedy shows on iTunes.

The live version of ‘Jesus: The Guantanamo Years’ has already proved a sell-out hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Abie Philbin Bowman has also performed the show in Pakistan under a state of emergency.

The show depicts a bearded Jesus returning to Earth only to meet the full force of US bureaucracy as he is held at US immigration.

“He’s a bearded, Middle-Eastern Guy, on a mission to die as a martyr….and he has just walked out of a cave.”

What’s more Northern Ireland’s largest political party – Ian Paisley’s DUP – called for it to be boycotted.

Abie Philbin Bowman attributes the show’s success to its irreverent take on an important subject.

“Guantanamo Bay is like a maximum security prison designed by Kentucky Fried Chicken: it has tiny wire-mesh cages, soulless uniforms and teenage staff with no other career options.”