Ambassador urges caution after Paris attack

Following the murder of a 19-year-old Swedish woman in Paris, Sweden’s Ambassador Gunnar Lund has urged young Swedes to be careful when visiting the French capital.

“I want to stress to every young Swede that in Paris, just like all other large cities, crimes occur,” he said to the TT news agency.

He describes the murder of the young Swede as “a monstrous crime”.

“You can’t be too careful down here. You shouldn’t be out alone at night and moving about the city. You need to make sure to stay in groups and observe that you take every possible precaution,” said Sweden’s ambassador in Paris.

He points out that there are perpetrators with an interest in following and trying to entice young people from other countries who aren’t very familiar with the streets of Paris.

The 19-year-old woman disappeared after a visit to a nightclub in central Paris early Saturday morning.

Her body was found later the same day in a wooded area north of the city.

According to AFP, her body showed signs of being badly beaten and stabbed.

AFP also reported the body had been partially burned, information which was confirmed for TT by a source in Sweden’s Foreign Ministry.

“We learned that from the French police. It appears as if the perpetrator had tried to cover up evidence,” said the source.

According to media reports, the woman as also shot several times in the head.

Last Saturday someone tried to take money out of the woman’s bank account at a cash machine near where her body was found. An image of the unknown person may have been recorded by a security camera connected to the cash machine, according to the Aftonbladet and Expressen newspapers.