Go See The Blue Koala

English-speaking theatre goers in Stockholm can treat themselves to something relatively rare this month at the Boulevard Theatre on Södermalm: live theatre in English.

The Blue Koala, billed as a “must for connoisseurs of English humour”, opens for a month-long run at the Boulevard with a matinée performance on Monday, April 7th.

Set in 1972 England, the comedy revolves around the efforts of a women’s club to persuade the Queen Mother to help them raise money to save the endangered koala.

The production is written in English and will be performed by an international cast which includes Blue Koala writer and director Mark Flanagan.

The Blue Koala can been seen at the Boulevard Theatre on Wednesday through Friday nights until May 2nd.

Do you want to see The Blue Koala?

The Local is giving away tickets to the Wednesday, April 9th performance (show time: 7.00pm).

To qualify for one of three pairs of tickets, simply answer this following bit of Local trivia:

Which of the following animals was the subject of the most stories written by The Local in 2007?

a) Bears

b) Reindeer

c) Dogs

d) Fish

e) Hedgehogs

The trivia contest is now closed and the three winners have been notified.

Thanks to everyone who submitted answers to The Local’s Blue Koala Trivia Contest.

While most people guessed b) Reindeer, the correct answer is in fact c) Dogs.

We hope you enjoyed playing!

To learn more about The Blue Koala or to order tickets please visit www.thebluekoala.se.