Boys convicted for distributing nude video of classmate

Two teenage boys have been convicted of slander and sentenced to community service for distributing a nude video of a classmate, Borås Tidning reports.

The video, which was filmed by a teenage girl on her mobile phone, showed her posing naked and masturbating.

Both teenagers boys were friends of the girl. One of the boys transferred the video to his own mobile phone during a visit to the girl’s home.

The girl told the district court that she was subjected to verbal abuse of a sexual nature after the boys sent the video to their friends at their school in Kind in western Sweden.

Having acquired the first film, the boys then put pressure on the girls to make more films of a similar nature.

The girl complied but only on the condition that the boys did not distribute the footage further.

The boys admitted to ignoring her wishes and sending the films to their schoolmates.

The court found the boys guilty of slander and sentenced them 50 and 20 hours of community service respectively. They were also ordered to pay the girl 47,000 kronor ($7,600) in damages.