Court: Campogiani trial open to public

The trial of those accused in the beating death of 16-year-old Riccardo Campogiani will be open to the public, the Stockholm Court of Appeals has decided.

Court: Campogiani trial open to public

The court announced the unexpected move on Monday following presentations by public prosecutors and defence attorneys.

In contrast to the district court proceedings, the public will now be able to hear witness stand testimony by those indicted in the case.

The decision was taken against the wishes of both the prosecutors and defence attorneys.

Attorney Leif Silbersky said he wasn’t surprised by the decision because much of the case has already been made public. Silbersky believes the court made the right decision.

The accused have mixed emotions about commencing with another round of courtroom hearings.

“My client thinks the trial is extremely trying, he was pleased by the [District Court’s] acquittal because he feels he is innocent. He thought the trial was over. Thus he greeted the prosecutor’s decision to appeal with a great measure of disappointment,” said defence attorney Åke Broné.

Broné is representing the 16-year-old boy who was acquitted by the District Court, but now risks being convicted by the Court of Appeals.

Throngs of those interested in the case, including several students, gathered on the street outside the courtroom an hour before the Court of Appeals was set to start proceedings.

The new proceedings are in large part a reprise of the district court hearings. No new witnesses or evidence will be presented.

Much of the time will be dedicated to reviewing the lower court ruling and the prosecutor’s presentation. The suspects won’t likely be questioned until late Monday afternoon.

In the evening, the court will conduct a visit the site where the 16-year-old Campogiani was kicked to death outside a Kungsholmen party venue last autumn.

In January, the Disctrict Court convicted three of the four teenagers suspected in the case of serious assault and manslaughter, sentencing them to three years’ youth detention. The fourth suspect was acquitted.

None of the suspects claim to have any responsibility for Campogiani’s death and are all hoping the appeals process will lead to acquittals.