Man dies after two hour wait for ambulance

Despite a woman’s repeated calls to Sweden’s emergency number, SOS Alarm, it took two hours before an ambulance arrived to care for son.

The 34-year-old man died shortly after paramedics arrived.

The woman believed her son was having a heart attack, prompting her to call SOS Alarm five times as she waited for help to arrive.

“I said that I needed an ambulance and that there was something wrong with my son. I explained that he was lying on the floor, that he had stinging in his arms and pain in his chest,” said the mother to the Sydsvenskan newspaper.

When the ambulance finally arrived the man collapsed and died in the hall.

According to SOS Alarm, the delay can be explained by extremely ic y road conditions and several traffic accidents on the night of january 5th when the man died.

SOS Alarm plans to investigate further why the ambulance took so long to arrive.