Obama wins Berlin on Super Tuesday

Barack Obama won a landslide victory with 80 percent of the votes on Tuesday night in the Berlin leg of the Democratic primaries. The vote at the Max and Moritz bar in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin attracted 200 of the 10,000 living in Berlin. Americans who are registered to vote in a state can vote directly in their state elections via an absentee ballot.

“It was a super vote on Super Tuesday,” Michael Steltzer of Democrats Abroad in Berlin told the Berliner Morgenpost. The organization is a branch of the Democratic Party that makes it possible for Americans living abroad to participate in elections. “Some of the people waited more than a half an hour until they could vote…and nobody complained” said Steltzer.

After voting, many of the Democrats spoke about the elections over a beer and Berlin cuisine. Their backgrounds and reasons for being in Berlin were as diverse as their opinions.

“I recognized the gentleman in him right away,” said Doris Kahn, an 81-year-old who moved to the US, got US citizenship and later returned to Berlin. Kahn moved to New York from her native Münster, a western German city, in 1953 and worked as a Broadway dancer for years. She said Obama is the embodiment of what is wonderful about the US, “tolerance and the belief that everybody can make it.”

“This hype around Obama is getting on my nerves by now,” Natascha Zuhur, 27-year-old who has taught English in Berlin for eight months. She voted for Hillary Clinton and said, “All my friends are voting for him, however Hillary is a much better politician.”

The votes were taken to Geneva, Switzerland, where they will be counted along with Democratic votes from all over the world. Republicans who live abroad send their votes directly to the US. After about two weeks, the votes from Americans living abroad are tallied up and delegates are assigned to the candidates accordingly. There is one Democratic delegate for Europe.