Opposition opens up record poll lead

Sweden's centre-left opposition has opened up a record 20.6 percentage point lead lead over the parties in the ruling Alliance, a new poll has shown.

The gap between the two blocs is now wider than at any time in pollster Synovate’s 29 year history.

The Social Democrats, Left Party and Green Party can boast the combined support of 58.5 percent of voters, compared to 37.9 percent for the centre-right Alliance.

Only the Left Party (+0.8) and the Christian Democrats (-0.8) have made any significant moves since last month’s poll. The result puts the Christian Democrats, with 3.4 percent of the vote, below the 4 percent necessary for a place in parliament.

Synovate asked 2,000 people which party they would vote for if there was a general election today. The survey was carried out from January 10th to 23rd, with the results published in Friday’s Dagens Nyheter.

Synovate’s November poll (Change since previous month in parentheses)

Moderate Party 21.7 (-0.1)

Liberal Party 6.9 (+0.3)

Centre Party 5.9 (-0.6)

Christian Democrats 3.4 (-0.8)

Total 37.9%

Social Democrats 46.8 (+0.1)

Green Party 6.0 (+0.4)

Left Party 5.6 (+0.8)

Total 58.5%