Jägermeister slammed for ‘sexist’ booze ad

A television advert for drinks maker Jägermeister has incurred the wrath of Sweden's Trade Ethical Council against Sexism in Advertising (ERK).

In the advert in question, three women walk into a bar and each order a Jägermeister. When they have downed the shots, two of the women quickly cover their breasts.

“The third woman forgets to do the same, and when the camera zooms in on her breasts the cold drink has made her nipples stiff,” writes ERK.

In a written judgment, ERK argued that Jägermeister’s use of women’s bodies as a sexual lure was offensive.

The ad was reported to ERK by private individuals who considered the campaign sexist.

The standards body said it contacted Jägermeister to inform them that the ad had been reported but did not receive a reply.

In its advisory ruling, ERK said that the advert was “offensive to women in general”. As such, Jägermeister failed to live up to the principle “that advertising should be created with due regard for social responsibility”.

ERK bases its decisions on the ICC International Code of Advertising Practice, but has also added three supplements to the ICC’s Article 4 dealing with sexism.

Do you agree with ERK? View the clip.