Tito Beltran collapses in court

Opera singer Tito Beltran was removed from court in an ambulance after he burst into tears and collapsed during his rape trial at Ystad District Court on Wednesday.

Tito Beltran collapses in court

The opera star first began sobbing as Rhapsody in Rock creator Robert Wells testified over the telephone.

Beltran, 42, denies raping an 18-year-old nanny at his hotel room in Nötesjö after returning from a performance at a star-studded Rhapsody in Rock concert in southern Sweden in 1999.

Robert Wells told the court that he remembered there being a tense atmosphere the day after the alleged rape. But nobody had made any mention of an assault, he said.

Responding to the prosecutors questions, Wells added that he would have reported the matter to the police and removed Beltran from the tour had he suspected that a rape had taken place.

Shortly before a planned recess, Beltran first broke down in tears, then fainted.

“He’s lying on the floor vomiting and only the whites of his eyes are visible. This is really serious,” Beltran’s lawyer, Tomas Nilsson, told Aftonbladet.

The court adjourned for the day as an ambulance was called to the court to take the singer to hospital.