Three Bandidos gang members in custody

Three members of the Bandidos motorcycle gang, including suspected leader Mehdi Seyyed, remained in custody on Wednesday following closed-door negotiations in Gothenburg district court.

Three Bandidos gang members in custody

The three, along with two other men, were taken by police following a Monday night raid on a Bandidos gathering place.

Warrants for the arrest of the three men had been issued in connection with a January 8th robbery. According to police, the robbery is related to an internal Bandidos dispute and was directed toward one or more members of the gang.

Mehdi Seyyed and one other suspect are being held on suspicion of robbery. The third man is suspected of aggravated assault.

All three claim innocence.

The two additional suspects picked up during Monday’s raid are being detained on suspicion of robbery and harbouring a known criminal, respectively