Stolen yacht recovered in bizarre circumstances

An uncanny coincidence helped an insurance claims investigator's 15-year-old son to solve the mystery of a stolen luxury yacht.

Stolen yacht recovered in bizarre circumstances

In the early hours of Wednesday morning, an 11.5 metre long Skorgenes motor boat went missing from the affluent Gåshaga Marina in eastern Stockholm.

The yacht is worth 2.7 million kronor and If promised a reward to anybody who could locate the stolen vessel.

But the insurance company had hardly had time to begin an appraisal before the eagle-eyed youngster had discovered its whereabouts.

On Thursday evening, one of the claims examiners involved in the case came home and began making waffles in the kitchen. He got talking to his 15-year-old son and told him about the strange disappearance of the luxury boat.

The curious teen’s interest was piqued and he decided to search for a picture of a Skorgenes yacht on the website of popular buy and sell service Blocket.

“Then the son said: ‘Dad, look out the window. There’s a boat like that down in the harbour’,” If spokeswoman Caroline Uliana told the TT news agency.

Marine police were called to the scene at Drottinghamns Boat Club in Skurusundet and were quickly able to establish that it was in fact the missing yacht.

As promised, the investigator’s son is to receive a reward from If, the amount of which has not yet been decided.

“But it will be a handsome sum for a 15-year-old,” said Caroline Uliana.