Swedish crime writer’s manuscript stolen

It was a case of 'theft, most foul' on Tuesday as Sweden's 'Queen' of crime novelists, Bodil Mårtensson, told AFP how the only copy of her latest manuscript was stolen when thieves broke into her home.

Aside from the laptop containing the precious draft of her new novel, the author also lost a jewellery box and some 5,000 Swedish Kronor ($780) — but these seemed to matter little.

“If they wish, they can also get their hands on the laptop’s battery, which they didn’t take,” Mårtensson said in an appeal to the thieves who raided her Helsingborg home.

“All I’m asking for is to get the book’s chapters back on disc.”

Publication of the new book will be delayed from July to September, she said, to give her time to rewrite it.

Mårtensson regularly sells upwards of 100,000 copies a throw, with her stories also translated into German.