Four charged with murder over teen beating

Four 16-year-old boys suspected of a now-notorious beating which led to the death of teenager Riccardo Campogiani in Stockholm in October have been charged with his murder.

Campogiani died after being beaten unconscious outside a party venue in Stockholm’s Kungsholmen district on 6th October. Prosecutor Jens Nilsson announced on Friday that the four would be prosecuted for murder, with alternative charges of serious assault and manslaughter.

Nilsson said the four teenagers acted jointly. They deliberately killed him by pushing him to the ground and repeatedly kicking his head and body, the prosecutor said.

A fifth boy is charged with assault and incitement to serious assault. He allegedly encouraged the other four to “set upon” Campogiani. The prosecution plans to use the account he gave in questioning in evidence against the other four.

The beating led to Campogiani suffering a brain haemmorage. His brain swelled, leading to a heart attack. An autopsy found that he died as a result of the kicks to his head.

Nilsson contends that the boys were indifferent to the consequences of the assault and as a result could be said to have had intent when they inflicted the fatal injuries on Campogiani. The four were equally share culpability for the attack, said Nilsson. They acted together and in a coordinated manner, he argues.

The prosecutor added that he has strong evidence against the accused. He said he intends to call 14 witnesses during the trial. In addition, blood from the victim had been found on the shoes of two of the accused.

Only one of the four boys accused has admitted kicking Campogiani, although he denies kicking his head. Nilsson said he was not surprised that the victim had been kicked while already lying on the ground.

“I see this a lot,” he said.

One of the boys has been remanded on custody. Two of the others have been taken into a youth care home. The other two are at liberty.

The fatal assault of Campogiani shocked Sweden. Thousands of people around the country took part in demonstrations against street violence following the death. Crown Princess Victoria was among those who demonstrated against violence.

One of those being prosecuted for murder has also been charged with beating another person on the same night.