Church bans broadband over porn fears

A church in southern Sweden has refused to allow a wireless broadband antenna to be installed on its tower, after fears were raised that parishoners would stay home surfing for porn instead of attending services.

Church bans broadband over porn fears

The proposal to install broadband equipment at the church in Hylletofta, 200 kilometres east of Gothenburg, would have brought high speed internet access to the community, where residents currently have to struggle with dial-up connections.

But the Church of Sweden decided that the ability to download high quality images and videos could harm the morals of the local population.

“The diocese has formally taken the position that this type of equipment would cause trouble, and could even lead to some people not coming to church,” said Torbjörn Sjögren, curator for the Diocese of Växjö, to TV4 Jönköping.

Sjögren denied that the church’s position amounted to censorship:

“You can’t interpret it like that,” he said.

The Local has tried to contact a diocese spokesperson for a comment.