‘Policeman was my pimp’

A Gothenburg policeman goes to court on Tuesday to face charges of selling his girlfriend's sexual services from his bedroom. The two first became an item when the policeman was working for an anti-vice squad in the city.

But the relationship eventually came to an end, with the woman later accusing the police officer of being her pimp, Göteborgs-Tidningen (GT) reports.

“I regret so much entering into the relationship,” he told GT.

This will not be the first time that the former couple will see each other in court. After their first period together she accused him of beating and threatening her.

He won the case, first in the district court, then in the appeals court. Afterwards, when the dust had settled, they got back together again.

The man’s lawyer, Anders Lysén, cannot explain how it came to pass that the pair rekindled their love after the initial court proceedings.

“My client is asking himself the same question. There is no good answer. But he deeply regrets it,” he told GT.

The woman claims that she received her customers in the policeman’s bedroom while he was out. In return she paid him a monthly lump sum out of her income from prostitution.

She first reported the police officer in June 2005 but has delayed proceeding on several previous occasions. On Tuesday she will finally come face to face again with her ex-lover, who was transferred to another district after his relationship with the prostitute became known.

“My client is innocent. This is the woman’s revenge for him breaking off the relationship for once and for all,” said Lysén.

The man now has a new girlfriend and is hoping that the court will find him not guilty. He currently works with administration but if found guilty he will lose his job with the police force.

“Not a single person among those the woman has pointed out has admitted to paying her for sex.

“The man who is going to appear as a witness admits to having sex with her in the flat. But he didn’t pay a penny for it,” said Lysén.