Moderate politician in “bloody immigrants” storm

A Moderate Party politician in southern Sweden is a the centre of a storm after saying the Sweden Democrat surge in Landskrona was down to "all the bloody immigrants living there."

Bengt Hansson, a local councillor in the town of Vellinge, uttered the words at the Moderates’ local election night party.

Party members were gathered in front of a large-screen TV when the news came in the controversial anti-immigrant party had gained 23 per cent of the Landskrona vote. Hansson then exclaimed : “That’s no big surprise considering all the bloody immigrants living there”.

The councillor was unaware that a journalist from Sydsvenskan had entered the room. The reporter writes that a deathly hush came over the gathering after Hansson had let loose his comment.

The politician later explained to the paper that he meant to say that the high number of immigrants was a factor in the Sweden Democrats’ success. “I meant a lot of immigrants. A bloody lot. You shouldn’t think that I have anything against immigration”.

Paul O’Mahoney