Record reader figures for The Local

The Local has recorded its highest ever reader figures as it celebrates its second birthday, with 153,000 unique visitors and nearly 2 million page impressions in March 2006.

The number of page impressions, at 1.9 million, compares with 360,000 in March 2005. This means an increase of 428 percent over the past year.

“The number of unique visitors has increased every month since we started in April 2004,” says Paul Rapacioli, managing director of The Local.

“We are attracting a broad cross-section of foreigners living in Sweden, not just our original target group of American, British and Australian readers.”

“Today, people from over 60 countries read The Local, and a large number of Swedes have become regular readers.”

The Local now plans to publish more original feature articles, and write more about entertainment in Sweden’s major cities.

“Our feature articles are always popular, and we think that readers will appreciate English-language information about what’s going on in Sweden’s cities,” says editor James Savage.

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