Pensioners solve healthcare staffing shortages

According to GP on Sunday primary healthcare providers in western Sweden are dealing with the lack of employees by turning to old age pensioners. A recruitment drive to get Spanish, Greek, German and Dutch employees over to work in Sweden is ongoing, but there are still empty shifts to be covered. There will be another recruitment drive in Poland in the near future.

Up to 72 old age pensioners are currently temping in nursing positions or working as midwives. There’s a shortage of General Practitioner secretaries as well, and pensioners can be found doing administration work too.

“From our professional point of view it’s more cost effective to recruit a healthy happy pensioner who knows everything and has thirty years experience, than to recruit someone externally who needs trinaing,” said Ulla-Maj Rydén at the primary care unit in Gothenburg.

Sources: Göteborgs Posten