Medical care to become more expensive

Medicine and visits to the doctor will become marginally more expensive next year if the government is allowed to push through a proposal to increase the ceiling for the medical benefits package.

Currently patients’ costs are limited to 1800 crowns per year for medicines and 900 crowns per year for doctor’s visits. According to Svenska Dagbladet, the government wants to increases the limits by 200 crowns. The money that is gained by the increase will be invested in the medical sector according to Lars Engquist, Minister of Social Affairs.

But the proposal will face considerable opposition: vice chairman of the Left Party, Ingrid Burman told the paper that her party would vote against it.

“We all know who the biggest consumers of healthcare and medicine are. As a rule, it’s old people who often have low pensions. We don’t think it’s reasonable.”

Lysanne Sizoo