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Outcry as Italy auctions off 'haunted island'

Residents of Giudecca, an island in the Venice lagoon, are attempting to sabotage plans by the debt-laden Italian government to auction the lease of a neighbouring isle, said to be the most haunted place in Italy, in a bid to prevent it from being turned into “yet another luxury resort”. READ »

Latest news from: The Local in Spain »

Rising imports boost Spain's trade deficit

Spain's trade deficit jumped by more than a third in February compared to the almost 20-year low it hit a year earlier, official data released on Wednesday shows. READ »

Latest news from: The Local in France »

Listeria prompts smoked salmon recall in France

A French seafood company recalled on Wednesday three batches of smoked salmon because they were contaminated with the dangerous bacteria listeria, which can cause a serious infection in pregnant women and older people. READ »

Latest news from: The Local in Germany »

Ex-minister jailed over F1 race track scandal

A former state finance minister was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison on Wednesday, having been found guilty of embezzling money in the scandal around the failed sale of the Nürburgring Formula One race track. READ »

Latest news from: The Local in Sweden »

Ica pulls contested Easter commercial off TV

A Swedish supermarket has decided to withdraw its Easter commercial, after Christians complained it made a mockery of communion - "They crossed the line." Sweden's advertising watchdog will now look into the case. READ »

Latest news from: The Local in Norway »

Union could take 1,300 Norwegian staff on strike

Norway's Parat Union has threatened to take more than 1,300 Norwegian Airlines employees out on strike if the airline does not agree to a joint collective bargaining agreement for the cabin crew by April 30. READ »

Latest news from: The Local in Switzerland »

Kerry bound for Geneva talks on Ukraine crisis

US Secretary of State John Kerry left on Wednesday for Geneva for high-stakes talks on Ukraine, armed with the threat of more sanctions against Moscow if diplomacy fails, as tensions on the ground escalated sharply. READ »

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